Novembro 26, 2023

The theft of the $14.8 million worth of gold from Toronto’s Pearson International Airport is being investigated by the Canadian police. According to authorities, other valuable objects were also stolen in the incident which occurred on Monday, April 17th.

During a press conference, Canadian law enforcement officials reported that the gold shipment was reported missing after arriving on an airplane on Monday night. After the aircraft landed at the airport, the cargo was unloaded and taken to a terminal warehouse where it was supposed to undergo standard procedures. However, the gold and other valuable items were nowhere to be found.

Inspector Stephen Duivesteyn stated, “Upon its arrival, this high-value cargo was removed by illegal means from the warehouse.” The origin of the plane and the final destination of the cargo have not been disclosed by the police.

The authorities are investigating the incident and have asked the public for any information that may be useful in identifying the suspects or locating the stolen goods. The theft of such a large amount of valuable commodities has caused concern in the aviation industry and highlights the importance of stringent security measures to protect against theft and other criminal activity.